The Geopolitics of Technology Series

Technology and Geopolitics are on a collision course. Emerging technologies have become a driver of both international cooperation and competition as the strive for digital supremacy is dramatically changing the world’s political, social, and economic landscape. This development has the potential to make significant positive contributions to the promotion and protection of human rights, but can also facilitate disinformation, deepen inequality, and concentrate power in new ways.

How will we regulate these actors and emerging technologies, and respond to threats of disinformation, surveillance capitalism, and propaganda? What is the future of warcraft in a digital age? Who is winning this burgeoning “technopolitical” race, and what does this foreshadow for the future of our international order and technological sovereignty? Join us from May to August in our four-part Geopolitics of Technology Briefing Series, where we will examine some of the evolving developments and technological transformations in a post-pandemic world. Learn more below.

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