About Entrepreneurial Diplomacy

Network 20/20’s Entrepreneurial Diplomacy program builds a broad network of influential private citizens in the United States and abroad who generate concrete, sustainable, and actionable ideas to enhance international security and prosperity.

We achieve this through member-driven research, dialogue, and fieldwork in regions of global security concern. Through the program, a research team comprised of Network 20/20 members interviews hundreds of local leaders from diverse groups in countries of strategic interest. The resulting reports that Network 20/20 writes illuminate realities in those countries, using the voices of the interviewees, often identifying new foreign policy-related opportunities. Our mission is to break down misconceptions and forge trust while simultaneously identifying actionable ideas for future collaboration.

The program counters growing retrenchment and isolationism by providing private citizens the opportunity to contribute innovative ideas and expertise towards solving problems that feed into foreign policy challenges while simultaneously building critical people-to-people connections worldwide.




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