Network 20/20’s Tunisia Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Program


Why Tunisia

Tunisia received a lot of attention following the start of the Arab Spring in 2010 as both the genesis of the region-wide uprisings and as one of the only success stories, having transitioned from the Ben Ali regime to a pluralistic democracy with a new constitution. However, gains are proving fragile. The economic dissatisfaction that prompted the Jasmine Revolution persists and political stalemates and infighting threaten its democracy. We believe that understanding the drivers of the current situation and hearing Tunisians’ ideas for solutions, particularly those with solutions that lie with input from the private sector, are areas where Network 20/20 expertise and global network can have a positive impact through awareness-raising, advocacy, or program development.

Tunisia was selected in consultation with Network 20/20’s Advisory Council members and topic matter experts.


What are the program’s objectives?

  • Uncover the main socio-political and economic trends in Tunisia and identify the challenges and opportunities in the private sector
  • Develop a strong network of public and private sector experts in the U.S. and Tunisia that work towards advancing international security and local/regional economy
  • Disseminate findings and present insights to policymakers, private sector leaders, and members of the public in the U.S. and members of Network 20/20’s global community
  • Explore possible follow-on projects that aim to utilize research findings and local network to develop an impact-driven project

    Who are the participants of the research program?

    Network 20/20 is looking for members of the delegation that will travel to Tunisia in May/June 2022 (contingent upon Covid-19 circumstances).

    Deadline: 11/30/2021


    The delegation will be joined by 2-3 fellows that will provide for additional specific topic expertise and previous experience working in Tunisia (or related areas).

    The delegates are members of Network 20/20’s global community that include professionals that come from a variety of sectors and add invaluable perspectives to the challenges & opportunities presented on-the-ground.

    For more information on the Network 20/20’s Tunisia Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Fellowship and our fellows click here

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