Connecting People.
Clarifying Foreign Affairs.

“At a time of great global challenges Network 20/20 provides invaluable service to America and the world by bringing together rising leaders from diverse backgrounds to share ideas, forge bonds, and influence policymaking. Network 20/20 promotes the kind of deep understanding, broad collaboration, and engagement that we need in today’s complex world.”
Vali Nasr, Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

What We Do

Network 20/20 bridges the gap between the private sector and the foreign policy worlds, engaging rising and established professionals meaningfully in foreign policy. We promote the open exchange of ideas on foreign affairs and essential people-to-people connections across international borders. We foster a community of diverse, smart, and engaged people, people who come from different countries, faiths, generations, and political views, all of whom are interested in better understanding the various trends and divergent interests that are shaping geo-economics, politics, and culture. We strive to promote the idea of global citizenship—that being an informed citizen of one’s country means understanding the global context and actively contributing one’s ideas and experiences to the conversation.

Our Story

Network 20/20 was established in the wake of the September 11 attacks to further a deeper understanding of foreign affairs. As nationalism and isolationism increase, the need for frank and informed discussion of global affairs that involves both the private and public sectors grows stronger.

Initially, Network 20/20 focused on bridging the divide between the United States and countries with Muslim-majority populations, fielding research delegations to Turkey, Pakistan, and Iran. The organization’s Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Program has expanded to include countries and regions that are often overlooked. These research trips and ensuing reports prove that you cannot understand the dynamics of a country without being physically present and without speaking to a wide range of leaders.

Network 20/20’s Briefing Series with foreign policy luminaries—often held in private homes—addresses current global issues. These events stimulate learning, discussion and networking, advancing the belief that foreign policy should be accessible and vibrant, not esoteric and stuffy.

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Patricia S. Huntington, Network 20/20’s goal was to build bridges between the next generation of leaders in the United States and their counterparts abroad. The organization was initially part of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy before it became a separate entity to help up-and-coming leaders across a range of professions expand their global views and involvement.

Today, Network 20/20’s membership is intentionally multinational and multi-generational, ensuring that its programs and dialogue reflect multiple viewpoints and generate unique networking opportunities.