Deep Dives


Go Behind the Scenes on One of the World’s Most Important and Complex Countries


The goal of Network 20/20’s Deep Dives is to provide a more in-depth understanding of a critical topic in geopolitics through a series of briefings with high-level experts. Over the dinner-style sessions, the hand-picked participants will have the opportunity to learn about a specific country of global strategic interest.


Deep Dives participant is an intellectually curious and high-achieving person who wants to deepen their global affairs knowledge in an intimate and dynamic setting. They equally want to develop a network of colleagues from diverse backgrounds who are interested in the focus of the Deep Dives.


All dinner discussions will be hosted in New York City.

Deep Dive: China 2021

Deep Dive: China 2021 has brought a team of top-notch experts to take a group of ten participants on a journey through some of the critical themes that define China today including not only China and the U.S. relationship, the economy, politics but also China’s history and culture. We believe that to understand China’s current direction to the world, one also needs to understand the influences and memories that drive the country forward.

Learn more about Deep Dive: China 2021 by clicking here

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