Network 20/20’s Foreign Affairs Discussion Groups offers our audience members, both domestic and international, a chance to speak with each other directly and outside of the set topic of a Virtual Briefing. On the first Monday of each month, participants will gather for a one-hour session consisting of a brief introduction to the topic by a guest host, and forty-minute breakout rooms for participants to engage in free discussion. Each session will focus on a different region of the world and will allow participants to cover a variety of current events and trends in that area.

As we approach the date of each session, we will pose several main discussion points within the broader regional focus. Registered participants will receive a list of suggested reading/viewing materials to provide background information about each discussion topic.

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June 7, 2021

Registration Closed
June Handbook

North America

July 12, 2021

East Asia and the Pacific

September 13, 2021
Registration Closed
September Handbook


October 4, 2021
Open for Registration
October Handbook

South & Central Asia

November 1, 2021
Not Yet Open for Registration

Latin America

December 6, 2021
Not Yet Open for Registration

Russia and Eurasia

January 10, 2022
Not Yet Open for Registration

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