Kermit Harrison

Tunisia Delegate

Kermit Harrison
Programmer / Analyst

Mission Operations Director, The Boeing Company for Space Vehicle Operations and Architecture Integration Validation Test Teams to test vehicle interaction with launch facilities, mission ground stations and data processing centers. Performed systems testing, launch, vehicle initialization and on orbit operations. Managed Operations team during rehearsals, vehicle anomalies and on orbit operations. Hiring manager for Ops team.

Analyst U.S. Navy, RFI Manager, Assigned to Joint Staff Pentagon, deployed to Bosnia (2 deployments) assigned to Stabilization Force (SFOR) to directly interface with local government, political, refugee, military, European Union, UN, and others to make concerns known directly known to the Commander SFOR in order to resolve issues and concerns before they became issues requiring additional assets. HQ Sarajevo (Butmir) based in Banja Luka (British Sector) and Mostar (French Sector). Partner always non-U.S. military and local translator for six-month tours.

Programmer / Analyst Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, Oceanographic data analysis and remote sensor testing abord various platforms. Designed data collection systems using i86 based computers, 12 – 16-bit A/D, array processors, IRIG-B TCGs, LPFs, 8mm data recorders and thermal printers. Languages included Assembly, Fortran, Turbo-Pascal, C, Matlab

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