Gesu Antonio Baez

Tunisia Delegate

Gesu Antonio Baez is the Executive Director and Chief Political Advisor at Pax Tecum Global Consultancy in London, a firm which specializes in fostering diplomatic engagement for sustainable development. Apart from his role in overseeing the direction of the firm, Baez is responsible for helping businesses and international organizations engage with governments in order to introduce business solutions that bring genuine social impact, in alignment with local political will.

An Italian-US national, he has extensive experience working within the international system, working with governments throughout the Middle East and Africa, as well as within the UN system. He specializes in working with governments to advise and bring social impact through business and policy that can advance the nation’s economic and social development, while also representing social enterprises and leading organizations in how to champion their solutions with local governments – so as long as the impact is beneficial locally.

He is a recognized thought leader on foreign affairs and sustainable development, having spoken at TEDx in Dubai, the University of Edinburgh Business School, Kings College London, and Barclay’s. He also serves on the Board of Teach for Italy, bringing sustainable change to
the Italian Education system.

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