Network 20/20 Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Tunisia Request for Proposals

Network 20/20 Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Tunisia
Call for Proposals

DEADLINE: September 1, 2023


Network 20/20 is aiming to fund a Tunisian-led pilot project to address issues relating to education and workforce development in an under-resourced community. At least one project will be funded at a maximum of $20,000 USD to be implemented from January 2024 – December 2024.

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Tunisia RFP’s FAQs



Network 20/20 will accept proposals that address one or more of the following impact areas:

  • Short-term Skills Training: Projects that facilitate the development or demonstration of tangible skills relevant to in-demand industries or employment outcomes, including credentials, competencies, and work-based learning experiences (e.g., internships, on-the-job training, skills-based mentorship programs).

  • Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset Projects that provide entrepreneurial training focused on the transferability of entrepreneurial skills both in start-up environments and within existing work environments.

  • Building and Sustaining Community Connections and Local Leadership: Projects that support individuals or cohorts in navigating leadership.

The focus areas for this call for proposals was developed through feedback of a Tunisian-based advisory committee that collaborated throughout the winter and spring of 2023. This advisory committee identified strengths and opportunities for economic mobility efforts in diverse and under-resourced communities across Tunisia.



Network 20/20 will accept proposals from individuals who meet the following criteria:

  1. Lead applicant must be 21 – 35 years old

  2. Applicant must be connected to a legal entity (start-up, NGO, associations, etc.) based in Tunisia that has been in operation for at least 2 years

  3. Applicant must identify at least one advisor or project mentor and have at least 3 people they are working with to execute the project and manage funds

  4. Applicant must be able to receive funds from a US-based 501c3 designated nonprofit organization

  5. Proposed projects must impact at least one region outside of the capital region of Tunisia


Area 1: Project Design Criteria
All projects must currently address or have an actionable plan to address all aspects of the following criteria. All proposals will be evaluated based on their ability to uphold these criteria. However, projects will not be disqualified if support is needed to effectively address up to three challenging criteria areas:

  • Avoid unfinished intentions: Project must have a short-term goal and a multi-year vision.

  • Avoid duplicative efforts: Projects should not replace existing efforts and instead seek to amplify successful models.

  • Actively seek diverse perspectives: Projects must be informed by those impacted by the challenge and engage local stakeholders.

  • Actively seek new ideas and embrace risk: Projects should remain flexible to new innovations and establish contingency plans for failure.

  • Actively seek to support talent and retain/return expertise: Projects should consider the challenges and opportunities connected to global learning and work experiences. Projects should support efforts to empower and support the Tunisian workforce.

  • Actively pursue collective leadership: Projects should establish clear leadership structures and engage multiple perspectives in leadership.

Area 2: Budget and Request Restrictions:
For this proposal, the following budget requests will not be considered:

  • Projects that do not meet the applicant criteria outlined

  • Funding solely for international travel

  • Funding solely for external consultancies

  • Funding solely for staff salary or professional development of currently hired staff

  • Funding that is solely for tangible products (computers, internet, course materials, office supplies)

  • Funding that is solely for a conference or event

Area 4: Funding Disbursement and Adjustments
Budget proposals can be for projects up to $20,000 USD to be distributed at mutually agreed upon outcomes at each phase of the grant cycle as outlined in Area 3. Network 20/20 leadership will make budget adjustments at time of contracting and as needed at the end of each grant phase. Adjustments will be made at the discretion of Network 20/20 according to mutually agreed upon metrics completion at contracting.

Area 5: Project Management and Grantee Communications
All project proposals must identify a Lead Applicant who will serve as a project manager, contracting lead, and communicate directly with Network 20/20 staff during application and all subsequent grant phases outlined in Area 3.

Upon selection and contracting, Lead Applicants will be given a Network 20/20-affiliated point person who will serve as a grant liaison. The Network 20/20 liaison will provide guidance on planning, risk mitigation, and impact analysis. Lead Applicants may also be introduced to an advisor for technical assistance throughout the
duration of the grant cycle.

Area 6: Reporting
All funded projects will complete a written evaluation at the culmination of the award cycle, by December 2024 as well as attend a virtual convening hosted by Network 20/20 to showcase project outcomes and lessons.

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If there are any questions you may have but not included below, please reach out to Network 20/20 at

Qualification Questions:
Do I have to be Tunisian to qualify?
Yes, you do have to be Tunisian to qualify for funding.

Do I have to live in Tunisia to qualify? (ie Tunisian expat living in another country)
Yes, there should be at least one person (associated with the project) living in Tunisia for the duration of your project.

Do I have to be a certain age to apply?
Yes, the lead applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 35 at the time of applying.

Do I have to speak English to apply? Can my application be submitted not in English?
Yes, applications must be submitted in English and at least one member of the team must be proficient in English so that they can fulfill the obligations of this commitment.

Why is the age range of lead application from 18-35?
The age range was selected for the lead applicant for several reasons. First we wanted to help surface the ideas and energy of the next generation, we also want the next generation to gain experience in change making; while the lead applicant must be within this age range, those affiliated with the project may be outside of the age range to incorporate a range of experience and advice.

Collaboration/Team Questions:
Do you have recommendations on who I should name as my Co-Applicant? What style/strengths are you looking for?
Co-Applicants are individuals who are expected to actively lead the project alongside the Lead applicant. Co-Applicants will take part in the interview process as part of the decision making process by Network 20/20. Co-Applicants are not required. Should you add a co-applicant to your application, please be sure that the co-applicant is a reliable leader who will have follow through in working to implement the project for the duration of the funding cycle. Co-applicants should be individuals who are well known to the Lead Applicant, and there should be a trusting relationship with the Lead Applicant. Co-Applicants should bring new strengths and skills to the project.

Are there any restrictions on who my Co-Applicant can be? Do they have to be Tunisian/live in Tunisia?
There are no restrictions on your co-applicant. At least one applicant must currently reside in Tunisia.

You mention an Advisor, who should that be?
Advisors are experienced individuals who can bring insight and mentorship to your project. Advisors should bring several years of professional subject-matter expertise that is relevant to your proposed project. Advisors will be expected to help with connecting the Lead Applicant to resources, helping the Lead Applicant to navigate challenges as they arise, and mentor the Lead Applicant towards project success.

How is the Co-applicant and Advisor different?
A Co-Applicant is an individual who will actively implement the proposed project and will be part of the application review and interview process. An Advisor will support, mentor, inform, and provide guidance to the applicant, but is not expected to be part of the application review and interview process. An Advisor is a supportive mentor. A Co- Applicant is a collaborative peer.

Is the group of Advisors mentioned in the presentation the same Advisor as we should reference in our proposal?
Network 20/20 has been working with a team of approximately 10 Subject Matter Expert advisors. This group of advisors has helped Network 20/20 to create this RFP. This group of advisors will be available to the successful project Lead Applicant to provide informal insight, feedback, and support should it be relevant. However, the Advisor referenced in your proposal should have an existing and current relationship with the Lead Applicant. It is possible for a Network 20/20 Advisor to serve as a your proposal Advisor if you know them and they agree to being named in your proposal.

Do you require letters of recommendation? May I submit one?
A letter of recommendation is not required in the application process. However, Network 20/20 will review any supplemental application recommendations you provide to supplement your application. You can send them directly to

Proposal Questions
How will this be structured? Is it an application form that we will fill out or a document we submit?
To be considered for funding applicants should apply here to complete and submit the online application form. Applicants can download the application questions here.

Should the proposal be all one document? Or should it be submitted in pieces?
The proposal should be in one document and submitted as per the application instructions.

How detailed should my proposal be?
Your proposal should go into as much detail needed to accurately describe the full scope of your project. For further guidance please refer to the evaluation rubric.

If I don’t have a legal entity yet, is that ok?
You do not need to have a legal entity to apply. However, you will need to work with a legally recognized NGO in order to receive the funds.

Do I need to have a website?
You do not need to have a website to apply. However, if you do have a website, including it gives us additional information to work with during the evaluation process.

Will my application be kept private? How will you protect my business plan?
Your application will be shared only with the small team of evaluators. All information is stored on Network 20/20’s Microsoft-secure One Drive system. We will not share project information beyond the small group of evaluators. However, if you have sensitive/non-disclosable information that you are concerned about protecting, please let us know and we would be happy to have a secure virtual meeting to discuss.

Are Advocacy Project eligible?
We are looking for projects that fall under one of the three areas mentioned. We are open to advocacy projects if they meet the goals of the RFP. Like any proposal, the connection between the goals of the RFP and the tactics used by the project should be properly explained.

Can the project be focused on a specific group or region? Or must it be a general audience?
It depends on the needs that your project identifies. The most important thing is that you can justify why you do that.

How many projects will be funded?
At this stage, Network 20/20 is only able to fund one project.

Is there a preferred region you would like the project to focus on?
We look for projects that focus on under-resourced regions in Tunisia. For that reason, we encourage applicants to consider projects that go beyond better-resourced regions like Tunis

Other questions
Who are the donors?
The donors are private individuals who have been to Tunisia, care about the country, and are interested in providing assistance that reflects the needs and wants of the people in the country. All funding at this point is provided solely by individuals and is not connected with any government or corporation.

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