Application for Actionable Pilots to Foster Economic Growth and Reduce Regional Disparity in Tunisia


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Network 20/20 is an inclusive international community that bridges the gap between the private sector and foreign policy worlds by connecting diverse leaders to share ideas, forge bonds, and influence policymaking. As part of that process, the organization established the Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Program. This qualitative research program aims to identify and drive innovative private sector-based solutions to challenges in a country or region of global geopolitical interest. Beginning in the summer of 2021 the EDP team embarked on a rigorous research project on Tunisia's political, social, and economic landscape. Based on the results of our research, Network 20/20 is aiming to fund a Tunisian-led pilot project to address issues relating to education and workforce development in an under-resourced community. At least one project will be funded at a maximum of $20,000 USD to be implemented from January 2024 - December 2024.

  • AREA 1: Applicant Information
  • AREA 2: Project Information
  • AREA 4: Project Criteria

1.a Lead Applicant

1.b Co-Applicant

1.c Applicant Organization

If answered Yes to question 1.c, please continue below.

If you did not answer yes to question 1.c., please continue below.

2.a Project Title

2.b Impact Area

(Please select 1 focus area, even if your project proposal overlaps multiple impact areas.)

1. Short-term Skills Training: Projects that support participants in developing or demonstrating tangible skills related to an in-demand industry or employment outcomes. Projects may be related to a specific credential or competency development or work-based learning experience (ie, internship, on-the-job training, skills-based mentorship programs)
2. Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Projects that provide entrepreneurial training focused on the transferability of entrepreneurial skills both in start-up environments and within existing work environments. Projects should focus on entrepreneurial skills such as iterative processes, innovation, growth mindset, leadership, and project management that can be transferable across business and community leadership.
3. Building and Sustaining Community Connections and Local Leadership: Projects that support individuals or cohorts in navigating leadership. This includes a focus on individual influence and collective community change efforts.

2.c Project Overview

2.d Why is this project needed?

2.e What is the current phase of your project?

Please pick one. (Note, the phase of your work will not negatively impact your application status. Ideas at all phases are welcome)

2.f. What do you hope to learn from this project?

2.g Who will your project impact or benefit?

2.h Please describe the qualifications of the Lead Applicant and co-Applicant.

2.i. Project Advisor

How does your project proposal meet the following criteria? Please describe in 500 words:

1. Avoid unfinished intentions: Project must have a short term goal and a multi-year vision
2. Avoid duplicative efforts: Projects should not replace existing efforts and instead seek to amplify successful models
3. Actively seek diverse perspectives: Projects must be informed by those impacted by the challenge and engage local stakeholders
4. Actively seek new ideas and embrace risk: Projects should remain flexible to new innovations and establish contingency plans for failure
5. Actively seek to support talent and retain/return expertise: Projects should consider the challenges and opportunities connected to global learning and work experiences. Projects should support efforts to empower and support the Tunisian workforce.
6. Actively pursue collective leadership: Projects should establish clear leadership structures and engage multiple perspectives in leadership.

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