2024-2026 Vietnam Fellowship Info Session

2024-2026 Vietnam Fellowship Info Session

Zoom Webinar

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 | 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM ET

Network 20/20 is looking for 1-2 fellows who will become the engine that drives the research, network building, and programmatic outcomes of the 2024-2026 Vietnam Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Program. Successful candidates will with our delegation to Vietnam from November 9-18, 2024 for a 10-day research trip and gain a holistic understanding of the country. Learn more about the trip and the application process via our Info Session on Tuesday, April 2 at 6 PM ET.








What is the Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Fellowship?

Network 20/20’s Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Fellowship is the engine that drives the research, network building, and programmatic outcomes of the Entrepreneurial Diplomacy program.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Fellow?

  • In-country costs (lodging, transport, food, etc.) and roundtrip flights to Vietnam are covered
  • An invaluable opportunity to network with leaders in academia, civil society, business, and media as well as U.S. and Vietnamese government officials and entrepreneurs
  • Produce reports and articles under their names
  • Enhance experience in policy advocacy and develop practical skills applicable to a variety of professions
  • Develop and sharpen professional and research skills
  • What are the responsibilities of fellows?

    The responsibilities will evolve as the project progresses and much of what will happen in the third phase (outreach) will depend on the information that we learn in the first and second phases.

    In the first stage, fellows will work with Network 20/20’s office and their own contacts to build networks and conduct, record, and share interviews with people (academics, civil society leaders, U.S. and Tunisian government officials, entrepreneurs, business people, journalists) to unwrap the current issues and broader context and use those learnings to outline broad themes to the following stages of the project. Each project will result in a focus on policy advocacy, awareness-raising, or a project (see Network 20/20’s BOLD project with Bosnia and Herzegovina as an example), and this initial research will help point the way to the specific outreach method in the later stage. The outline of each phase is below:
    First Stage

  • Generate and participate in interviews
  • Read related material
  • Share and update notes in N2020’s central database
  • Help build the database of individuals associated with the project
  • Second Stage
    During the second stage, the actual on-the-ground portion of the trip (which will take place from November 9 to November 19, 2024), which may potentially lead to a symposium focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, and climate change, the Fellows will play a lead role in the group, helping to prepare the rest of the group for meetings, ensuring that all notes are handed in, serving as co-leads for meetings with other group participants, and producing materials needed for the symposium at the end of the trip.

  • Help lead daily group briefings
  • Serve as meeting lead
  • Help gather notes
  • Help gather and update contact information in N2020’s central database
  • Third Stage
    In the third stage, following the trip, the Fellows will work with the Network 20/20 office to drive outreach activities that could include the following: writing articles, participating in panel discussions, helping with project design, searching for funding opportunities, or briefing U.S. officials.

  • Work with the whole group to decide on the next steps
  • Draft articles and submit them for publication
  • Help develop potential programs


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