Retired Senior Officer from the Central Intelligence Agency

David P. Hunt retired in 1995 as a senior officer from the Central Intelligence Agency, where he served for 32 years, primarily in the Directorate of Operations. His tours included Italy, Vietnam, Somalia, Norway, France, and New York City. He served twice as Deputy Chief of Station (Norway and France) and twice as Chief of Station (Somalia and New York City). Mr. Hunt is an expert in Soviet operations, European affairs, and counterintelligence. Mr. Hunt holds the Donovan Award for Excellence, as well as the CIA’s Distinguished Intelligence Medal, its highest award. Mr. Hunt is a graduate of St. Paul’s School and holds a B.A. in History/Government from Colby College in Maine. He served in the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps and spent a year in Korea. He now resides in New York City. Mr. Hunt is currently Chairman of both Charles Pratt & Co., LLC in New York City and the Dosoris Trust Company.

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