Innovators in Global Affairs

Communication and Civic Engagement

Communication and Civic Engagement

We are looking for organizations that apply cutting-edge and emerging technologies to teach, engage, and empower people and facilitate accurate information sharing in order to strengthen institutions, increase transparency, and stop the spread of disinformation. Such organizations may contribute to achieving SDGs 16 – Creating Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions and 17 – Partnerships for the Goals.



Past Awardees:



We are delighted to award the Techrow Fund because:

  • They provide students with access to companies and professionals leading to career opportunities otherwise denied,
  • Their programs break barriers for African-Americans, Latinos, and women that are still significantly underrepresented in the technology workforce by empowering students with the vision and skills needed to access technology-based professions,
  • Their programs provide opportunities for students to develop the confidence and the higher-order thinking skills required via experiential programs, and
  • They employ emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, as an “engagement engine” and extend experiential learning to Makers curriculums
  • They have trained over 100 teachers on leveraging new technology in the classroom, have enrolled 95 middle school students in their virtual reality markets class, have reached 10,000 students and parents with their education programs, have implemented a TechRow Program in 20 schools in New York City, and have over 40 technology education programs run by Techrow serving grades K-12
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