Former Ambassador of Iran to the United Nations

As the highest ranking Iranian official working in the United States, Ambassador Khazaee has played an important role in building bridges of understanding among Iranians and Americans. In the past year alone, he played a key role in preparing the ground for the P5+1 negotiations held in Europe that resulted in an accord that temporarily freezes much of Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for limited relief from Western economic sanctions. This interim agreement is, in effect, an elaborate pause button that provides a basis for pursuing a larger accord over the course of 2014.

Ambassador Khazaee has also been instrumental in carrying out President Rouhani’s goal of building trust and friendships between the citizens of Iran and the U.S. by fostering exchanges and opportunities for face-to-face engagement. Network 20/20 was one of the first American non-profits to be invited to visit Iran after President Rouhani’s election.

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