Filip Sasic

Managing Director for Southeast Europe

Filip leads Network 20/20 initiatives in Southeast Europe focusing on entrepreneurship and business development. He co-leads the Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Program with projects on Iran, Ukraine, and Tunisia by conducting due diligence and research on the geopolitical and economic indicators, and identification of private sector opportunities. He is currently working on projects that aim to further develop the entrepreneurial ecosystems by supporting tech focused ventures in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider region. As part of his role, he develops strategic partnerships with global and NYC based private & public institutions and stakeholders.

He has has conducted research and published articles focusing on Southeast Europe and Ukraine, while he was part of the team that authored the research report “A Plan B For the Western Balkans”. Filip has a BA degree in International Business and Political Science from St. Francis College, NYC and a MS degree in Russian & Eurasian Studies from Uppsala University, Sweden while focusing on geopolitics and energy security in Southeast Europe.

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