Valuable Counterterrorism Partner

Turkey is a valuable partner in the international community’s war against radical Islamist terrorism. The image of the current secular democratic government led by conservatives who are religious has helped soften the edges of Turkey’s historically militant secularism and made Turkey more appealing to many Muslims in other countries. In addition, because of its historical ties with Turkic populations from Germany to China, Turkey has some influence by proffering a moderate interpretation of Islam and helping the spread of democracy.

Turkish officials argue that Turkey has been a steady partner of the West in the fight against terrorism. For the past decade, Turkey has been fighting its own war on terror by suppressing Kurdish separatist militants. Turkish officials also note that Turkey is helping broker communications between Syria and the United States, sharing intelligence on Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, and working with Western nations to combat the terrorist threat posed by the IMU (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan).

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