Earl Carr

Mr. Earl A. Carr Jr. is the editor of the Fall 2021 book “From Trump to Biden and Beyond: Reimagining US-China Relations,” published by Palgrave Macmillan:

He is also the Founder and CEO of CJPA Global Advisors, based in New York, where he manages a multidisciplinary team of global research analysts, software engineers, marketing specialists, geopolitical analysts, and media specialists to guide the firm’s global thought leadership, strategic client advisory practice, and cross-border venture capital business mandate.

In his over 25-year career, Earl has held positions at Morgan Stanley’s Institute for Sustainable Investing (ISI), HSBC Bank, McKinsey & Co, and Council on Foreign Relations. He has lived in Asia for 8 years and studied at Beijing Normal University and worked at McKinsey’s China Knowledge Center in Shanghai.

Earl’s dedication and commitment to advancing global knowledge and international understanding is demonstrated through his participation in and work as a member of The National Committee on US-China Relations, Black China Caucus, as an International Career Advancement Program (ICAP) Fellow, and as a member of The Steering Committee for the inaugural National Asian American Book Club. He was also a Kim Koo Fellow at the Korea Society.

He is a monthly columnist at Forbes.com at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/earlcarr/#7e5fe1b76429 He has also been quoted, cited, interviewed, and or published articles and podcasts in or with McKinsey Quarterly, The National
Committee on US-China Relations, The George HW Bush Foundation for U.S.- China Relations, Financial Planning Magazine, Phoenix TV, Sino-Vision TV, and the South China Morning Post to name a few.

Earl is an Adjunct Instructor at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs. He received his B.A from The College of William & Mary, and his M.A. from American University. Mr. Carr is a Board Director at The Global Institute of Financial Professionals and a board member of The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training.

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