Arthur B. Sculley


Business-to-business exchanges; online finance


Arthur Sculley, is co-founder of HyperJar Limited, London, a digital financial services company and a Senior Fellow, Fletcher School, Tufts University.

He is a former banker, technology executive, lecturer and consultant to governments, banks and corporations.

At JP Morgan he held jobs in corporate banking, corporate finance and asset management in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and London, including head of JP Morgan’s global private bank and Managing Director. In the mid 1990s as an entrepreneur, he became a leader in B2B technology for financial services, co-founding IntraLinks (NYSE:IL) in New York in 1996 and later CreditTrade (NYSE:ICE) in London.

At the Fletcher School’s Institute for Business in the Global Context, he has been doing research on financial technology and Turkey.

He has a BS from the University of Pennsylvania and a MA from Tufts University.


Mr. Sculley is a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania.

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