To the U.S. Congress

Hearings should be held on how to engage Iran more productively than a quarter of a century of nonrecognition, isolation, and sanctions seems to have done. Besides assessing the U.S. government’s intelligence and plans for addressing its security complaints with Iran, Congress should hold open hearings on how to engage Iran more productively. A strong pool of expertise on conditions, politics, and attitudes in Iran is present in the United States among Iranian-Americans and among academics, journalists, former diplomats, and some businesspeople. Where possible, experts and opinion leaders should be invited to participate in such hearings on Iran. The hearings should include information about existing cooperation between Americans and Iranian, as well as reports on Iran’s leadership in the areas of health, the environment, and culture. Network 20/20 would be pleased to participate in such hearings.

An early priority should be a visit to Iran by members or former members of Congress, followed by a reciprocal visit by Iranian parliamentarians.

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