Michael Zakkour

Introduction:  Michael Zakkour is a leading innovator and creator in digital commerce, eCommerce, The New Retail and consumer focused technology.  He has more 20 years of experience in eCommerce and 17 years years of experience in China/APAC.  He advises brands, retailers and technology companies from around the world on their market, consumer and digital commerce strategies for the “5 New” of the digital industrial revolution.

His intimate knowledge and experience in Asia inspired his latest book, “New Retail: Born in China, Going Global: How China’s Tech Giants are Changing Global Commerce”.
Author of the #1 Amazon New Release: “New Retail: Born in China, Going Global – How China’s Tech Giants are Changing Global Commerce” and “China’s Super Consumers”. Author of Wiley Best Seller “China’s Super Consumers” (2015).
Founder and Chief Strategist at digital commerce strategy firm “5 NEW DIGITAL” and China APAC market strategy firm China BrightStar.
Areas of Expertise: The New Retail; Digital Commerce; Retail & Consumer Products; China/Asia Pacific digital commerce; China/Asia retail, consumers, and consumption; retail technology; Cross Border eCommerce; Digital Globalization

Michael is also a regular guest and contributor at the BBC, CNN, NBC, Fox Business, NPR, and numerous other global media channels sharing his insights on digital commerce, retail and consumers. He is sought after keynote speaker and lecturer a corporate trainer.  Michael has lectured at Columbia, Northwestern, UPENN, Yale, The Confucius Institute, NYU, The China Institute and at dozens of other schools, conferences, government institutions and corporations around the world.

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