Network 20/20’s Automatic Membership Renewal

Information about Network 20/20’s Automatic Renewal

Network 20/20 is instating an automatic renewal process to allow our individual members to conveniently renew their dues without missing special events or membership benefits.

As a one-time first step, we ask that you kindly call (212) 582-1870 or email to complete the process.

By enrolling in Network 20/20’s automatic renewal program you understand that your credit card will be charged annually on the date of your initial payment. An email will be sent in the month prior to remind you of the upcoming renewal transaction. You may cancel your membership at any time before the charge is completed by emailing Network 20/20 at

For any questions regarding the automatic renewal process, please do not hesitate to contact us at (212) 582-1870, or For questions regarding the security of your credit card information specifically, please see PayPal’s information on user security.

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