Tunisia Delegate Application

Join Network 20/20 as part of a select delegation that will travel to Tunisia in May/June 2022 (contingent upon Covid-19 circumstances) for on-the-ground research to gain a better understanding of Tunisia’s socio-economic and political trends and its path forward following the Arab Spring

Deadline: 11/30/2021


Watch the information session to learn more about the Tunisia Delegation
and the Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Program

Tunisia Delegation Info Session


Network 20/20’s Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Program applies the “entrepreneurial spirit” to foreign policy questions by uncovering innovative ideas and solutions to challenges in countries or regions of critical interest to global affairs. During the 10-day-long on-the-ground qualitative research portion of the program, delegates participate in a range of interviews to identify and later advance innovative private sector-based solutions to challenges in countries key to global security while building critical networks.

Why Tunisia?

Network 20/20 will visit Tunisia at a critical time. Billed as the “success story” of the Arab Spring, Tunisia’s fragile democracy was rocked in late July when the President took several actions that some critics are terming an autocoup. With unemployment sharply higher since the Arab Spring, the government has not yet been able to quell the domestic economic discontent that launched the region-wide movement. We believe that understanding the drivers of the current situation and hearing Tunisians’ ideas for solutions, particularly those with solutions that lie with input from the private sector, are areas where Network 20/20 expertise and global network can have a positive impact through awareness-raising, advocacy, or program development.

Why should you become a Tunisia Delegate?

  • Invaluable opportunity to network with leaders in business, academia, civil society, entrepreneurship, energy, and media as well as with U.S. and Tunisian government officials and entrepreneurs
  • Enhance experience in qualitative research, network-building, and policy advocacy applicable to a variety of professions
  • Generate change in the policy conversation surrounding Tunisia
  • Form strong ties with other Tunisia Trip Delegates and Fellows
  • Opportunity to deploy and further advance personal and professional skillsets

    What is The Format of the Trip and Research?

    A select group of Network 20/20 members will travel to Tunisia for approximately ten days of meetings. The delegation will meet with individuals whose expertise will span key industries and sectors in Tunisia, including leading business people from domestic and multinational companies, journalists, law, civil society leaders, and high-level government officials. Additionally, the group will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of Tunisia’s culture through its diverse cuisine and rich history.

    Three Tunisia Fellows will work with Network 20/20 and the delegation to conduct preparatory research and post-trip outreach. They are remarkable individuals who will add substance and structure to the delegation. You can read about their backgrounds here.

    Proposed Trip Details

    Depending on the Covid situation, the ten-day visit to Tunisia is expected to take place from May 25th – June 5th, 2022.

    What Makes Network 20/20’s Trips Unique?

    Network 20/20’s programs abroad allow for unparalleled insight into what makes a country tick. We strive for balance in our meetings to create as accurate a picture as possible of the realities facing the people with whom we meet. We do extensive research prior to the in-country portion of the program, giving us excellent access and a foundation of knowledge. We believe in the necessity of listening to those we meet and approaching each country and its people without agenda. Lastly, we select a group of participants whose diverse professional and personal experiences will uncover fresh insights about Tunisia outside of typical policy circles.

    What Will Be the Results of the Program?

    With our leadership in past entrepreneurial diplomacy programs, including first-of-their-kind field research trips to Iran, Pakistan, Poland, Turkey, and Southeast Europe we have a track record of bringing findings and recommendations to U.S. policymakers and opinion leaders and developing and executing programs that derive from our report recommendations. With this latest program in Tunisia, upon our return, we will be exploring what the deliverable should be, and encourage outreach suggestions from trip participants. At the close of our program, Network 20/20 will have a database of experts in Tunisia and local leaders, accessible to our members.

    What is Required of Delegates?

    All delegates are asked to participate fully in pre-trip briefings, in all meetings during the in-country portion of the program (including taking and submitting notes following meetings), and participating in outreach activities upon return. All delegates are responsible for covering their own international airfare and cost of the program. The estimated program cost is between $4,000 – $5,000.

    Who Is Eligible to Apply?

  • Adults who have a personal or professional interest in the program
  • Those who are willing to commit to a 10-day trip to Tunisia and a limited number of preparatory and follow-up programs
  • Those who are willing to pay their own airfare and cost of the trip
  • Non-members of Network 20/20 are eligible to apply and will be asked to become a virtual member ($50) if selected


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